Call for Speakers

Do you have expertise on how technology can be used to create, enhance, or manage learning, training, or education initiatives? Then we encourage you to submit a presentation proposal for the 2019 Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase. More than 325 professionals attend this annual, day-long event.

We have two types of sessions:

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Proposal Submission

Click the links below to access the online proposal applications. All proposals must be complete and finalized by the extended deadline: Friday, March 29, 2019. The proposal review process will be completed approximately 1 month after the submission deadline.

Access the proposal application for a 50-minute, general session at

Access the proposal application for a 5-minute, Learning Spark session at

Send any questions to

General Sessions

General sessions will last 50 minutes and should address the effective use of elearning technologies. Our attendees vary in their years of experience, so we welcome presentations at all levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

Sample Topics

Topics That Will Not Be Considered

Presentation Guidelines

Learning Spark Sessions

What if you had the attention of elearning professionals across Chicagoland for 5 minutes? What would you say?

A Learning Spark is a 5-minute presentation using 20 slides that will automatically show for 15 seconds each. The goal is to inspire people—get them thinking and talking about both big and small ideas in elearning.

Sample Topics

Note that while practical sessions are always helpful, don’t hesitate to tackle the big ideas. Be creative and have fun—if you’re having fun, we will too.

Presentation Guidelines

There are five primary guidelines for your proposal:

  1. It can reasonably fit into 5 minutes. Ideally, the session should introduce one primary idea and spend the remainder of the time supporting it.
  2. It must include 20 slides. Although the number of slides is set, you can use any content or format that you wish (e.g., one word per slide, all images, blank with different background colors, etc.). BUT there must be a connection between the slide and what you say while it is shown.
  3. It is helpful to the elearning community. The focus should be on elearning technologies, but other topics related to elearning in general will be considered.
  4. It must be interesting. This quality is subjective of course, but if the topic is interesting to you and your colleagues, it will probably be interesting to the community as well.
  5. It cannot be a marketing or a sales pitch for a company or any specific products.

If you’re curious about what other presentations in this format look like, check out the Ignite channel on YouTube.